Rules for dating my teenage daughter book

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That idea eventually turned into the recently released, OH BOY, YOU’RE HAVING A GIRL: A Dad’s Survival Guide to Raising Daughters (great gift for Father’s Day, I might add! It took considerable time to come up with the right hook.

That’s why I’m offering up these tips that I learned along the way.

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And while I've written a fair amount about maximizing your attractiveness, it all counts for nothing if you aren't single when the right guy comes along, or if you aren't putting yourself out there because you are involved with someone who is only half-committed to you.

So in addition to looking your best, you need to make sure you aren't spending time in dead-end relationships.

If you’re writing nonfiction (like me), you need a full outline when querying.

(Did you know Kathryn Socket’s was turned down 60 times before finally landing an agent and going on to be a bestseller—and a movie?

) Keep in mind that you love writing and, no matter how hard it seems at times, you’re doing it because you enjoy it.

Time and time again I see or hear about girls who allow a guy to date them for three or four years in their twenties without proposing. I understand that these girls are holding out in the hope of eventually getting a proposal, but they don't give enough consideration to the possibility that they'll be strung along for another two or three years, only to have him decide that he wants someone else - or worse yet, someone younger.

Combine this with a girl's reduced odds of finding someone (let alone someone better) once she begins to age and things begin to fall into perspective; it seems crazy to consider dating someone for more than a year without a very strong confidence about the direction in which the relationship is heading.

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